The most important activities and programs done:

Up to now, 8 exhibitions of student works have been held

Establishment of Ashura Photo Festival in the province in 1392 with the participation of students of all provincial universities in Shahid Avini Cultural Center in the format of a contest.

Gulf Garment Provincial Celebration with the Cultural Heritage of the Province in 1395

Launching a workshop on designing, producing and prototyping wicker products in the province and concluding a memorandum of understanding on the cultural heritage of Hormozgan in 1394

Three patents were filed by faculty members in the field of handicrafts

Nader Kamali:

Top Researcher for the week of research in the Department of Art and Architecture in 1396

-Member of the National Elite Foundation in 1395

-Selected Artist in the Festival of Inventions of Koohrang Island in 1395

- Doing 2 research projects, 2 ISI articles

-Presentation of the paper at 20 seminars and national, regional and international conferences