Dr. Abdollah Froozanfar

Planning Management

Support Management

Extracurricular Planning

Students’ Affairs:

Academic Associations

Cultural and Artistic Centers

Student Publications

 Political Organizations

The Objectives and Missions of Social and Cultural Deputy:

-Contributing to the deepening of religious thought and the explanation and promotion of national religious values;

- Establishing an appropriate system for policymaking, organizing and supporting cultural activities and expanding and deepening the spiritual and Islamic environment in the university;

- Planning to coordinate cultural and social plans and activities in the university based on three components of the teacher, student and employee, and follow-up activities to ensure that the expected outcomes are achieved;

- Trying to improve the quality of the Cultural Council of the University in order to improve the university's cultural management and planning and to implement the plans provided by the Ministry;

- Planning to expand and deepen the social and cultural participation of academics in the university and community;

-Finding the Problems and providing the appropriate fields for organizing socio-cultural studies required by the community in coordination with the Vice-Chancellor of Research of the University;

- Helping to establish coordination between various institutions of policy making in the cultural and social affairs of the universities of Hormozgan;

- Supporting the provision of audiovisual facilities for documenting cultural activities as well as providing support for cultural and artistic activities;

- Facilitating the provision of services, supplies, products and cultural accommodations to academics based on three components: professor, student and employee;

- Explaining and formulating necessary plans and strategies for promoting the social role and culture of higher education in the province;

- Planning to achieve the cultural and social goals of the Ministry and the decisions of the Cultural Council;

- Development and strengthening of social activities of the university by supporting student social student plans and programs;

- Planning for the organization of cultural and social studies and research in universities in cooperation with other cultural and executive organizations of the country with the aim of preparing, compiling and implementing the comprehensive cultural program of the Islamic Republic of Iran;

- Supporting the development of academic organizations in the cultural, artistic, social and professional fields, and the strengthening of Islamic institutions and organizations in order to promote the spiritual values ​​and realization of the ideals of the Islamic Revolution in the university based on three components of the teacher, student and employee;

- Attracting participation and utilization of the abilities and facilities of social and cultural executive institutions for the promotion and expansion of cultural and social activities in the university based on three components of the teacher, student and employee;

- Planning to regulate cultural and social activities and activities at the university;

- Assisting in the development of talents, the creativity and enrichment of students' leisure time, as well as the creation of a spiritual environment in academic settings by attracting partnerships and assistance from universities, conferences, associations and academic organizations, and designing cultural, artistic, social and political programs for students;

- Establishing a suitable and applicable evaluation system for assessing cultural programs and activities at universities;

- Supervising the implementation of cultural and social programs and activities of the university;

- Supervision of law enforcement and cultural and artistic rules approved in university cultural activities;

Subsidiary of the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs:

1- Department of cultural and social management:

Management of cultural and social planning

Management of cultural and social support

2. Departments of cultural and social affairs:

- Administration of scientific associations and cultural and artistic centers

- Department of political organizations and student publications

Super Board and Dormitory Office

3. Councils and Committees of Culture and Society:

- Teachers Council of the University

- Cultural University Council

- Supervisory Board of the University

- Council for the Protection and Supervision of Academic Student Societies

- Committee on Student Publications

- Committee for the Promotion of Professors

- Women's Cultural Association

Examples of activities undertaken in the past educational year:

- National Contest of Macaroni Constructions

- Student graduation party

- Inside the academy special movement of academic associations

- Participating in the national festival and gaining a leading position in the field of cultural and artistic centers

- Razavi Country Festival in "Youth and Cyberspace"

- International Concrete Conference by the University of Science and Education

-Student Food Festival and Ethnic Ethnicity


- Persian Gulf National Day Celebration