Dr. Babak Shokrollahi

Student Affairs Department:

Welfare Office

 Dorm Board

Nutrition Office

Physical Education Office

Counseling Center


Forms and Regulations

Student Deputy


1- Announcing all the laws, regulations and principles of the university head to the relevant units, and monitoring and supervising their good implementation.

2- Drafting of the regulations and minutes relating to the duties of the Vice-President to the competent authorities for approval.

3-Provide necessary justification reports to the university head regarding the duties of the units concerned

4. Proposing qualified persons to hold positions of management in the field of assistant to the head of the university

5. Supervision of subordinate units in order to ensure the good execution of their duties

6- Planning, adjusting activities and proposing the annual budget of the Vice-Chancellor/deputy in accordance with university priorities.

7. Cooperation with other deputies for the good conduct of university programs

8. To manage and supervise the good execution of all student affairs of the university in accordance with the laws, regulations and principles of the university.

9. Setting up and managing the student advisory process in the field of education, welfare and health

10. Supervise activities related to facilities offered to students and their welfare programs

11. Planning for the management and promotion of affairs, welfare, health and well-being of university students

12. Observing the assessment of the status of welfare and health of the university and submitting a report to the head of the university

13. Providing students with the opportunity to participate and sympathize for improving the status of the university


14. Performing other tasks assigned by the head of the university