Geography Department of Hormozgan University has been working at the Faculty of Humanities since 2013.

The group accepts undergraduate and MA level students at four majors including nature tourism (ecotourism), land planning, remote sensing, and geospatial and meteorological systems.

The number of faculty members in this group is as follows:

1-Asadollah Khoorani, Associate Professor, Natural Geography (Climatology)

2-Abbas Moradi, Assistant Professor, Coastal Planning

3- Masoud Bakhtiari Kia, Assistant Professor, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

4- Mehdi Mirzadeh Koohshahi, Assistant Professor, Human Geography (Political Geography)

  1. Mohammad Akbarian, Assistant Professor, Natural Geography (Geomorphology)

Currently, 102 undergraduate students in geography and remote sensing, 55 graduate students in geographic information and remote sensing systems, master's degree in weather (weather), master's degree in land planning and master's degree in nature studies (Ecotourism) are studying.