In reference to the approval letter passed by Council for Development of Higher Education in 1991-10-02, Hormozgan University was established during the 10-day revolution celebration of 1991. It was licensed to establish 6 educational majors at bachelor’s levels (i.e. industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematical teaching, physics teaching, Persian literature teaching). After Hormozgan Technical Institute (a sub-entity of Shiraz University) was moved, the university started its official educational activities.

 At the moment, the university is operating with about six thousand male and female students at different educational levels (40 bachelor’s majors, 71 master’s majors, and 32 PhD majors) are studying at the university. Now (late second educational year 2014-2015), the academic pyramid diagram of the university is composed of 72 percent bachelor students, 25 percent master students, and 3 percent PhD students.

The organizational structure approved by the university includes five departments (planning and development department, educational and post-graduate department, research and technology department, student department, cultural and social department), five colleges (technical and engineering college, basic sciences college, marine sciences and techniques college, agriculture and natural resources college), Minab Higher Education Complex and three research institutes (i.e. Hormuz Research Institute, Coastal Desserts Research Institute, Regional Hara Forests Research Institute).

All operating facilities of the university cover an area exceeding 55 thousand square meter (6000 m2 : administrative facilities, 20.000 m2 : dormitory spaces; 29.000 m2 : educational, research and cultural spaces).

It should be noted that at the moment 210 faculty members are conducting educational and research affairs of Hormozgan University. The educational pyramid diagram of faculties of the university (later second educational half of 2014-2015) is made up of 13 assistant professors, 128 associate professors and 69 lecturers.

 Heads of Hormozgan University since its Establishment:

1-Ahmad Khoram                              March 1991-August 1992

2-Dr. Hossein                                     August 1992-January 1995

 3-Dr. Parviz Noorpanah                     January 1995-March 1998

4-Dr. Ja’far                                         March 1998-June 2000

5-Dr. Mohammad Reza Mobasheri     June 2000-July 2002

6-Dr. Mehdi Iranmanesh                    July 2002-April 2006

7-Dr. Ahmad Nohegar                        April 2006-July 014

8-Dr. Ali Akbar Sheikhi Fini                July 014- Now