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In Hormozgan University, the chemistry program started in 2012 and its building is a part of the College of Science, which is one of the buildings on the main University campus. The School of Chemistry offers opportunities for study Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The undergraduate students learn the specific concepts of Chemistry in Pure Chemistry. Master's programs admit students in Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. After graduation, students should have the ability to solve the chemical industry's problems, cooperate with research institutes, or can continue higher education. There are several educational and research laboratories in the department to help the students and researchers better learn and teach Chemistry, or conduct their research projects. Nowadays, this group is engaged in educational and research activities with 8 faculty members, 4 associate professors, and 4 assistant professors with different research areas including -Novel nanostructured materials:

  • synthesis
  • fundamental studies
  • and investigation of their applications.
  • Solid-phase extraction and solid
  • phase micro
  • extraction
  • Metal-Organic Framework
  • Environmental assessments.
  • Thermophysics
  • Synthesis of biological compounds
  • Application of catalysts in organic reactions
  • Number of Student : 218
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