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Doctoral Students Admission

Applicants are required to fill in the online application form. All the documents listed below must also be uploaded:

- An image of the main page (the page with your photo and the expiration date) of your passport

 - Your CV, including a list of your prior jobs, responsibilities, and achievements in chronological order: Your CV must also include thorough information on your educational background, the courses you have taken, and any other achievement that may be of interest to the assessment committee

- Graduation certificate and its English translation: Applicants of Ph.D require a university degree and must submit a copy of their bachelor’s or master’s degree. (Degrees issued in other countries must be approved by the Iranian embassy in those countries

- The title of passed courses as well as the academic transcript: The academic transcript is required to have been issued in the applicant’s native language with its English translation attached—done by the university or an official translation center

Prerequisites: All graduate education applicants are required to be proficient in the Persian language

Notice: Should the applicants not be proficient in Persian writing or speaking, they must take part in the Persian language learning course at Persian Language Learning Center and successfully pass it. The maximum duration of the Persian language course will be 9 months, and it must have been completed prior to the start of the academic program. Foreign languages students will only need a three-month Persian language course

 If you have  above documents read the steps of registration then start to submit.

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