Vice President for Student Affairs

vice chancellor for student affair

Executive records

1- Head of Payame Noor University of Hormozgan Province
2- Head of the Faculty of Humanities, Hormozgan University
3- President of Islamic Azad University, Bandar Lengeh Branch
4- Director of Hormozgan University Law Department
5-Head of the Central Library and Documentation and Information Center of Hormozgan University

Description of tasks

Duties of Student Vice Chancellor:
1- Notifying all approvals, regulations and bylaws sent by the president of the university to the relevant units and following up and supervising its proper implementation.
2- Codification of by-laws and instructions and agenda of meetings related to the duties of the deputy to propose to the competent authorities for approval.
3- Providing the necessary explanatory reports to the president of the university regarding the duties related to the supervised units.
4- Proposing qualified people to hold managerial positions in the field of vice-president of the university.
5- Supervising the affiliated units in order to ensure the proper execution of their duties.
6- Planning, organizing activities and proposing the annual budget of the relevant deputy in accordance with the priorities of the university.
7- Cooperating with other vice chancellors for the good implementation of university programs.