Health Center and Student Consultation Office:

The Student Health and Counseling Center is currently responsible for providing health services and counseling services for students at Hormozgan University. During the present functional period from 1392 to 1395, the Center carried out activities related to the monitoring of physical and mental health, holding workshops, conferences, lecture sessions, holding exhibitions, attending consultations, distributing brochures and manuals, continuing environmental assessment Accommodation and education, and providing services to students. In the future, the center intends to upgrade healthcare and health standards through quality training and education.

Special functions:

Establishing an addiction exhibition titled Life-Free Drugs in 1395

Establishing the stand of the achievements of the Student Counseling Center of the University and the Health and Psychology Seminar in Isfahan University of Technology in 2014 and receiving the Credentials Award from the Counseling and Health Bureau of the Student Affairs Organization

Get a Special Statue as an Active Citizen Advisory Center in 2014 from the Student Affairs Organization Advisory and Health Office

Receiving a Counterfeit Letter from the Counter Narcotics Headquarters in establishing specialist training workshops in 92, 94, and 95