Nutrition Office

Department of Nutrition of Hormozgan University is a subsidiary of student management, with a total area of ​​1,100 square meters, is now responsible for providing services to more than 6,000 university students. The Student's Nutrition Department has been pursuing continuous goal of improving the variety and quality of the food they offer in functional period from 1392  to 1395 to provide student satisfaction. Also, with the agreement of the Student Welfare Fund and the University's programs, it is planned to increase the level of welfare of students by setting up a new self-service facility with an area of ​​3200 square meters.

Special functions of the student nutrition department:

Distribution of all types of fruits throughout the week for students living in dormitories

Distribute breakfast on a daily basis

Bake and crayfish in two types of marine and breeding

Distribution of milk and dates on a daily basis and Ash, Halim and Omaea on a daily basis during the holy month of Ramadan