The unit of Martyrdom and Sacrifice Student Affairs is a direct branch of The Presidential Office in the University and its main duties are as follows:

- The execution of the decrees, directives and regulations issued by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, or other competent authorities regarding Martyr and Sacrifice affiliated students.

-Programming and presenting the necessary plans to redefine and strengthen the scientific foundation of these students.

- Completing database of educational, research and social status of these students

- Following the affairs of war veterans and providing the necessary facilities in cooperation and coordination of the officials of the university and the relevant institutions of the province.


The most important activities and programs done:

- Implementation of programs to promote the culture of martyrdom and sacrifice at the university, including the ceremonies of the night with the martyrs near the anonymous  martyrs of the university, the annual memorial of the martyrs at the University

-Holding a ceremony for the burial of two Anonymous martyrs for eight years of holy defense in the presence of officials, students and guests

-Institution of a building called Shahid Shahriari of nuclear martyrs

- Annual review of the accomplishments of the university affiliated martyrs and sacrifices on the birthday of Hazrat Abbas (AS) and the Day of Veterans with the presence of officials and employees


Goals and Objectives:

-Proving further services to university students and employees affiliated with martyrdom and sacrifice

- Holding various programs to promote the culture of martyrdom and sacrifice


- Conducting educational, cultural, sporting events for martyr affiliated students