Counseling and Psychology Department, Samaneh Najarpourian Assistant Professor of Family Counseling

The Counseling and Psychology Department began in 2002 with the admission of undergraduate students in counseling and guidance independently with the ..... faculty member. In the course of qualitative and quantitative development, with the increase in the number of faculty members, since 2007, admission of students in the field of general psychology in the undergraduate degree also began. At the same time, with the developmental approach of higher education and the development of postgraduate courses, since the year 87 counseling department of Hormozgan University started admitting students at master's degree in two fields of family-orientation counseling and educational research, and since 2009, after graduation of a number of students this group has taken an important step in educating specialist staff in counseling and psychotherapy, especially for the province and region. In line with the growing trend of counseling and psychology, since the year 1391, the admission of Ph.D. students in two fields of counseling and curriculum planning began and practically Hormozgan University joined the leading universities in the training of human resources specializing in counseling and psychology. This process continued with the admission of students at the postgraduate level in general psychiatry from the year 1393. Now the Hormozgan Consultative and Psychology Group with 10 faculty members (3 associate professors and 7 assistants) in different fields of counseling and psychology and education, as well as 299 undergraduate students, 83 graduate students and 45 doctoral students is an effective group in the quantitative and qualitative development of the university.