Department of Presidency

Presidency Council (Board of Trustees) of Hormozgan University:

Legal Members:


The Main Responsibilities of Presidential Office:

-Facilitating administrative connections between the president of the University and related units (both written and spoken)

-Presenting the ratified orders of the president to related people, organizations and units

-Performing administrative and official affairs of the board of trustees, doing correspondences, planning working order, design and development of the authorized regulations of board of trustee and issuing them to related sectors

-Doing the works of University Councils, presidential board and relevant commissions and committees

-Setting up the working schedule and meetings of University president

-- Setting up presidential constituencies and communicating them to relevant units and keeping track of them

-Planning and tracking the affairs of the representation office in Tehran

-Planning and tracking the affairs of public relation and international affairs of the University

-Carrying out other tasks assigned by the president of the University


Head of Presidential Office and High Councilor of University President:

Dr. Hossein Malakooti