Hormozgan University was founded in the Fajr decade of 1370 (1991) based on a certificate provided by the Council of Higher Education Development in 1370/7/10. The University inaugurated its academic work by transferring Hormozgan Technical College (under the supervision of Shiraz University) and accepted students in six majors at the Bachelor of Science and Art level: Industrial engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Teaching mathematics, Teaching Physics and Teaching Persian Literature.

Currently, the University staff give service to about 6000 male and female students studying at different educational levels: 40 fields of studies at the BA and BSc level (72%), 71 fields of studies at MA and MS level (25%) and 32 fields of studies at the PhD. level (3%).

The authorized procedural and organizational structure of the university includes five Deputies (The Deputy of Planning and Development, The Deputy of Training and Higher Education, The Deputy of Research and Technology, The Deputy of Students’ Affairs, and The Deputy of Social and Cultural Affairs), five Colleges/Faculties (College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Marine Science and technology, and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

The whole working area in university campus is about 55000 square meters (6000 administrative, 20000 for dormitory facilities and 29000 for educational, cultural and research affairs).

It is worth mentioning that 210 faculty members are currently engaged in educational and research activities in the university among whom 13 associated professors, 128 assistant professors and 69 instructors.

The presidents of Hormozgan University from the inauguration till now:

1.      Ahmad Khorram   1370-1371

2.      Dr. Hossein Zomorrodian 1371-1373

3.      Dr. Parviz Noorpanah  1373-1376

4.      Dr. Jaffar kamboozia  1376-1379

5.      Dr. Mohammadreza Mobasheri   1379-1381

6.      Dr. Mehdi Iranmanesh  1381-1385

7.      Dr. Ahmad Novhehgar    1385-1393

8.      Dr. Ali Akbar Sheikhi      1393- till now