Undoubtedly, obtaining virtues and knowledge has been one of the major concerns of people during the whole history of this knowledge-enriching land. Education of major and famous thinkers in this land signifies the importance of knowledge and thinking for Iranian. In different periods, the concern emerges in different manners.

The verse of Quran, “God raises you who believe and those who were given science degrees” (Surah. 58, verse. 11) points to high position of the faithful and scientists and implies significance of knowledge acquisition. Addressing the problem of learning, attention to theoretical and practical research problems and developing theories in practice are essential to realization of economic progress and creation of wealth through programs of Iranian government of prudence and hope.

Production of science mixed with faith is undoubtedly one of the major duties of the academic complex. In order to attain this objective and develop a civilization-building university, science-oriented spirit as well as desire for knowledge, wisdom and hope should dominate the community. The realization of this objective necessitates sincere endeavors of all academic figures and promotion of scientific visions of the country. Considering the essential mission of university, as most significant means of development and access to cultural and economic independence, all academic figures should this significant responsibility. Based on its huge industrial and natural resources capacities of Hormozgan Province, Hormozgan University requires a strong determination to find a significant role in promotion of scientific, cultural and social principles of the community. This vision will not be realized without endeavors of all members of academic system, including students, professors and employees.

As a member of great family of scientists and thinkers, I hope to equip myself with commitment, expertise, science and technique as well as culture and politeness. In such a case, deeply faith, persistent endeavor, and strong determination will enable me to obtain more science and knowledge, equip my soul with virtue and consistency and use policies of the government of prudence and hope. Together, we will take major steps toward letting the country achieve top scientific and research positions.

Since one of the special missions of universities is significant attention to education, we will try to use divine aid, use existing equipment optimally, plan, obtain self-confidence, and use our time to provide the condition for promoting Hormozgan University to a provincially top one.

With help of God and Vali-Asr Imam (PBUH), we will attempt to cleanse ourselves from impurities, develop ourselves, acquire more knowledge and localize the resulting achievement. In future, a set of unique scientific and virtuous figures will contribute to development of the country. I hope that my endeavors and contributions of scientific and administrative personnel of the university as well as intellectual aids of scientific faculties and employees would result in development of this university.